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                      Basic security system test procedure 


First, call your central station - Explain that you would like to test your alarm system.  Be prepared to give them your "Pass Word" and let them know how long you want your system "ON TEST". 

Arm your system in the "EXIT" mode or "AWAY" mode and step out side through the door that you normally Enter and Exit from, close the door and wait about 60 seconds.

Open the door, but, DO NOT disarm the system.  Wait there until the siren begins to sound, Not just the entry reminder to disarm

Once the Siren is sounding, open and close all other protected zones (while the siren is sounding), walk in front of any Motion Sensors and activate any other detection devices that may be installed at the premises.

Make sure that the siren sounds for at least 60 seconds.  Then disarm and reset your system.
Activate your duress code and panic buttons on the keypad as well as any other panic buttons or devices.  Then reset the system.

One at a time, activate all Smoke/Heat Detection Devices (if they are electronically connected to your security system), resetting the system after each activation.  NOTE: Wait 2 minutes after resetting the fire alarm before attempting to activate another Smoke/Heat Detection Device. 

Final step is to call the central station back and ask the representative to tell you what signals they received and to take the account off test if you are done testing

If you don't test weekly, then don't be surprised if your security system does not perform when you need it most!   TEST YOUR SYSTEM WEEKLY per the manufactures specifications