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Magnum alert series

3 flashing lights - with a single digit 1, 2 or 3

Code 1 - AC power failure to control panel

Code 2 - Low system battery

Code 3 - Fail to communicate with central station

To clear a fail to communicate condition you must call central station to place your account on test followed by setting off your alarm to generate a signal to central station. Call the central station back when you are complete to see if they recieved a signal from your system.



E01-00 AC Power Failure

E02-00 System Low Battery

E03-00 Communication Failure

E04-NN RF Transmitter Supervisory Failure; NN = Transmitter Number

E05-NN RF Transmitter Low Battery Condition; NN = Transmitter Number

E06-NN Receiver Response Failure; NN = Receiver Number

E07-00 Download Failure

E08-00 Telephone Line Failure

E09-00 System Cold Start

E10-NN Keypad Response Failure; NN = Keypad Number

E11-NN Keypad Tamper Condition; NN = Keypad Number

E12-NN Expansion Zone Module Response Failure; NN = Module Number

E13-NN Expansion Zone Module Tamper Condition; NN = Module Number

E14-NN Relay Board Response Failure; NN = Relay Board Number

E15-NN RF Transmitter Tamper Condition; NN = Transmitter Number

E16-NN Receiver Jammed; NN = Receiver Number

E17-NN Receiver Tamper Condition; NN = Receiver Number

E18-NN Key Fob Transmitter Low Battery; NN = Key Fob Transmitter Number

E19-00 User Program Memory Error

E20-00 Dealer Program Memory Error

E21-00 System Shutdown

E22-NN Sensor Activity Failure; NN = Zone Number

E23-00 Burglary Bus Failure

E24-00 Service Message

E27-00 Printer Failure

E39-00 Receiver Capacity Error

E40-00 RF Self-Test Failure; NN = Zone Number

E41-NN Fire Trouble. NN = Zone Number

E51-00 Bell Supervisory

E58-00 Telemetry Trouble

E59-00 Telemetry Failure

E66-00 "Clean Me" Smoke Detector Dirty

E99-00 Keypad Panic Shorted too Long