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DCS Security System

Do you have a power series DSC security system ?

Trouble light help

On the keypad enter [*] [2]
Some keypads will describe the Trouble (full-message keypads); others will only identify the Trouble number (fixed-message and LED keypads)

DSC Power Series Trouble Codes

Trouble [1] - Service Required

Please call Land and Sea Security for further assistance

Trouble [2] - AC Failure

AC power no longer being supplied to the security system

Trouble [3] - Telephone Line Trouble

No dial tone detected at the alarm panel

Trouble [4] - Failure to Communicate

          System could not reach central station


To clear a fail to communicate condition you must call central station to place your account on test followed by setting off your alarm to generate a signal to central station. Call the central station back when you are complete to confirm that they recieved the signals from your system


Trouble [5] - Zone Fault

A zone is in a trouble condition and may not provide an alarm (including fire zones)

Trouble [6] - Zone Tamper

Only for zones that are programmed for double end-of-line-resistors

Trouble [7] - Device Low Battery

Wireless device exhibits a low battery condition

Trouble [8] - Loss of System Time

Changing the Time and Date:

On the keypad enter [*] [6]
Enter the Master Code
Press [1]
Enter the Time in Hours and Minutes using 24 Hour format (00:00 to 23:59)
Enter the Date in Months, Days and Years (MM DD YY)
Example 5:30 pm March 1, 2008 (1 7 3 0 0 3 0 1 0 8)
Press [#] to return to the ready state